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Deciding rather or not to sell your home is one of the biggest decisions a person can make in their life. I’m here to give you some reasons why selling to an investor can and will make the process of selling your home less stressful, quicker, and even surprisingly simple. I’m sure that you aware that you can always sell your home yourself or get a realtor to assist in the selling of your home, but I’m going to give you the top 5 reasons why selling your home to an investor would be your best option. If you need quick cash for your Baltimore home keep reading you won’t regret it

Quick Process: 

I’m sure that you are aware of the real estate market and the condition its in by listing your home with a realtor is possible your property could sit on the market for 90 days or more! One of the benefits of working with an investor is most of the time investors pay for properties using all cash so, you as the seller do not have to worry about a potential not being able to get financing for your home. You can get all cash for your home Baltimore in normally 30 days or less. Investors already work with a team in place that can evaluate your property, run a title search, and handle any other obstacles. Since, investors already work with a team and system in place we are able to get you cash for your home Baltimore more quickly than a traditional sale. With a team in place we as investors can tell you quickly what price we need the property at and what issues that need to be resolved so that we can get to the closing table as fast as possible. In most cases when an investor and a seller can agree on a price immediately  they can even close as quickly as 7-14 days.

Buy As -Is: 

Repairing a home can be an expensive and stressful process. During a traditional sale a realtor will make suggestions or what repairs need to be made in order to get a higher asking price for your home. Now this is an option if you have the funds, patience, time, and a reliable contractor to complete the job for you. But, if you are an situation where you just want to get quick cash for your home Baltimore then working with an investor is the best option for you. An investor will estimate the repairs needed to restore your property and will purchase the property in whatever condition the property is currently in.

No Fees:

When selling your home to an investor their are no fees involved for selling your home to an investor. Unlike when working with an agent an investor has no fees that need to be paid. In some situations an investor may cover all closing costs so that the seller can walk away from the table with the initial agreed price. Investors are very flexible for example if  you are in a situation where you have code violations, past due water bills, past due taxes, or even a mortgage an investor may help pay for some of these fees to help get your home to the closing table.

Problem Solvers:

As investors we pride ourselves on being problem solvers, its our way of life. In these economic times some situations people need just a point in the right direction, and someone who has an answer to their problem. Investors are creative and have an open mind which is why when home owners feel their is no way out investors are an option to consider. Investors work with home owners no matter what the issue is such as divorce, bankruptcy, inherited property, foreclosure, pre foreclosure, or vacancy.

Stress Free:

Last but not least the last benefit to selling your home to an investor is that selling your home to an investor can be a stress free process. Investors make it their job to take as much stress off the homeowner as possible. One of the ways we make the process easy is by being upfront and honest about everything thats going to happen and needs to happen in order to make the deal work. Also, investors stay in constant contact with contractors, inspectors, and the title company to make sure everything is going according to schedule. Investors will always keep homeowners aware of whats going on and have open communication. This does not mean that problems will not arise but, it means that investors will do everything in their power to purchase the home as smooth and as quickly as possible.

The bottom line is if you are in a situation where you need cash for your home Baltimore and or you need to get out of your situation as soon as possible an investor is an option you do not want to consider.






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  1. This can prove to a useful blog post. I had no idea of the benefits of selling to an investor thats amazing especially the part about repairs. Repairs on historic homes can be very expensive this is comforting news. thank you very much!

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